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Last Updated - June 1, 2007

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Greyscale images are those devices submitted, but not yet registered.  Go to their personal page to see the device in color.


Baroness Adeliza of Bristol


Lady Alessandra Ruscello Lord Alrekr der Drache Lord Anlaf Thurketilsson

Lady Avalina of the Wood

Lord Dagobert de Gallia m'lord Dagr Bloodaxe Lord Dante di Lucio della Luna


Baroness Deirdre Fletcher


Mistress Dervila ni Leanon Sir Duncan MacAdam Lady Elizabet Sinclair
Countess Emer ny Reyly Tighearn Eoghan Og MacLabhrainn Lady Gisella du Coeur Lady Isolde Corby
Lady Jelyan de Coity THLady Katherine Wulfesege Lord Marcus Bruce de Maccusweil


Lady Marlein Magdalena Weber von Rothenburg
Lady Marryyn Blackgroves

Lord Melcher Lloyd of Hawkwood

Lord Michael Brangwyn


THLady Muriele of Aberdeen
Baroness Patriche del Lupo


THLord Rand Wulfesege Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill m'lady Richikha Magdalina Dragonova
Lord Ronan Mac an Stalcair Lady Sesilia inn Heppni Lady Signy Feilan Bjarnardottir Lady Sigrid Wilhelm

Mistress Siobhan nic Dhuinnshleibhe

Lady Susane d'Anjou


Lady Teamhair Wyddeles


Lady Theresa of Caid
Baron Thorgrimr inn Kyrri


Lord William Makwillie m'lady Yrmegard of Hawkwood  

All heraldic devices and badges seen within these pages (unless otherwise stated) have been registered with the SCA College of Arms and are used with the permission of the owner.  They may not be used by anyone other than the owner without express permission. SCA names seen have not all been registered. 

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