Society Orders and Awards

Order of the Chivalry

Knight or Master of Arms

A Peer for martial prowess in heavy fighting.

Order of the Laurel

A Peer for excellence in a specific aspect of Arts and Science.

Order of the Pelican

A Peer for Service to the Society.


Kingdom of Atlantia

There is a wonderful page on the Atlantian OP website that explains all accolades in Atlantia.  Please go visit Description of the Atlantian Awards .


Barony of Hawkwood

For Hawkwood's descriptions, please go to Hawkwood's Award and Order page.


Barony of Sacred Stone

The Baronial web site has a page with the descriptions as well as the scroll text and line art for the orders.  Please see Sacred Stone's Orders and Awards. 


Barony of Windmaster's Hill

Order of the Kittyhawk

Order for service to the barony

Order of the Boreas

Order for arts and sciences


Barony of Nottinghill Coill

Please visit Nottinghill Coill Orders and Awards to view the descriptions and heraldry for these orders.


East Kingdom

Order of the Burdened Tyger

Award of Service (non-armigerous) for excellence at a specific event.

Middle Kingdom

Order/Award of the Purple Fret

Award for service (conveys AoA) at one time it was an Order, but it now is an Award.

Kingdom of Meridies

Order of the Meridian Cross

Non-armigerous Order for A&S

Kingdom of Trimaris

Order of the Argent Palm

Order for Service (non-Armigerous)

Order of the Bard's Laureate

Order for Service as Poet, Masque or Troubadour (non-Armigerous)

Crown's Order of Gratitude

Order for Service to Sovereign and/or Consort (non-Armigerous)

Barony of Darkwater


Order of the League of the Hidden Treasure

Order for Service


Order of the Acorn's Glade

Order for A&S


Barony of Wyvernwoode


Order of the Wyvernís Scale

Order for Service






Kingdom of Gleann Abhann

Barony of Axemoor


Order of the Axe of Axemoor

Armigerous Order for Service


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