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Click on the name to see the Official Baronial Records of the recipients of that accolade.

 If there is no link, no awards have been given out for that yet.

Last Updated - July 6, 2007




Order of the Golden Moon

for dedicated Service to the group

Order of the Goshawk of Hawkwood

for dedicated Martial activities to the group

Order of the Silver Hawk

for dedicated A&S to the group

Baron's Award of Excellence

from the Baron

Baroness' Award of Courtesy

from the Baroness

Baronial Award of Excellence

from both the Baron and the Baroness

Award of the Silver Decrescent

for a specific Service

Award of the Silver Jess

for a specific Martial activity

Award of the Silver Wings of Hawkwood

for a specific A&S

Award of the Fledglings

for Children

Award of the Hawk's Aerie

for Newcomers


All heraldic devices and badges seen within these pages (unless otherwise stated) have been registered with the SCA College of Arms and are used with the permission of the owner.  They may not be used by anyone other than the owner without express permission. SCA names seen have not all been registered. 

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