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Rhiannon ui Neill



Azure, on a chevron cotised between three birds displayed facing sinister argent three decrescents sable. 

Argent, in pale a decrescent and a dragon statant contourny reguardant azure, breathing flames of fire gules a bordure sable semy of decrescents argent.

(Fieldless) A

decrescent azure.

(Fieldless) On a hurt indented a natural leopard salient ermine, gorged of a coronet sable.
Registered: 08/1997 05/1994 08/1994 07/2005
Name Registered: 02/1991


Mistress of the Pelican 02/27/99
Companion of the Golden Dolphin 11/04/95
Companion of the Purple Fret 04/22/95
Supporters 09/13/97
Court Baroness 01/13/01
Award of Arms 03/07/92
Companion of the Queen's Order of Courtesy 03/12/94
Companion of the Undine 09/11/99
Companion of the Golden Moon 05/20/06
Baronial Award of Excellence 06/09/04
Companion of the Phoenix' Heart 06/19/99
Companion of the Sacred Stone 10/03/92
Award of the Talon of the Phoenix 04/13/96
Award of the Flame of the Phoenix 10/31/93
Award of the Flame of the Phoenix 04/08/95
Award of the Flame of the Phoenix 08/28/99