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Duncan MacAdam


Argent, two serpents nowed in a Bourchier knot palewise vert, a bordure counter-compony sable and argent.
Registered: 06/1994
Name Registered: 06/1990


Knight 08/16/95
Baron Sacred Stone (retired) 04/17/99
Companion of the Sea Stag 02/27/93
Companion of the Golden Dolphin 04/27/02
Grant of Arms 04/17/99
Supporters 04/27/02
Award of Arms 11/17/90
King's Award of Excellence 04/07/01
Companion of the Undine 04/07/01
Companion of the Phoenix Claw 09/07/91
Companion of the Phoenix Eye 07/18/92
Companion of the Sacred Stone 05/03/97
Award of the Talon of the Phoenix 04/11/92