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Hawkwood's Award Count
Here is a list of all the accolades the 77 citizens of Hawkwood currently have.  If there are no numbers in the right column, then no awards have been received.

last updated on 05/20/07


Royal Peerage

(Patents of Arms)

 Crown Prince/Princess  
 Count/Countess 1
Peerage Orders

(Patents of Arms)

 Order of the Chivalry 1
 Order of the Laurel 2
 Order of the Pelican 1
 Order of the Rose 1
Territorial Baronage (retired as well) 6
Kingdom Orders of High Merit  Order of the Golden Dolphin 7
 Order of the Kraken 1
 Order of the Pearl 7
 Order of the Sea Stag 2
 Order of the White Scarf 1
 Order of the Yew Bow  
Grant of Arms   15
Kingdom Orders of Merit  Order of the Coral Branch 6
 Order of the Opal 12
 Order of the Sea Dragon 2
 Order of the Silver Osprey 1
 Order of the King's Missilliers 1
Foreign Orders of Merit  Middle - Purple Fret 3
Foreign Baronial Orders of Merit  Gleann Abhann/Axemoor - Order of the Axe 1
Court Baronage   5
Award of Arms   64
Non-Armigerous Society Awards  Augmentation of Arms  
 Supporters 3
Kingdom Orders of Non-Precedence  Queen's Order of Courtesy 2
Foreign Orders of Non-Precedence  East - Burdened Tyger 1
 Meridies - Meridian Cross 1
Kingdom Awards of Non-Precedence  King's Award of Excellence 1
 Award of the Undine 11
 Award of the Nonpareil  
 Award of the Fountain  
 Award of the Herring 1
 Award of the Shark's Tooth 3
 Award of the Silver Nautilus 3
Kingdom Children's Awards  Award of the Sea Urchin 2
 Award of the Hippocampus 4
 Award of the Golden Gazelle  
Closed Kingdom Order  l'Academie d'Espee 1
Foreign Kingdom Awards  Trimaris - Argent Palm 1
 Trimaris - Bard's Laureate 1
 Trimaris - Crown's Gratitude 1
Hawkwood Baronial Orders & Awards  Order of the Golden Moon 8
 Order of the Goshawk 4
 Order of the Silver Hawk 6
 Baronial Award of Excellence 7
 Award of the Silver Jess 5
 Award of the Silver Decrescent 11
 Award of the Silver Wings 8
 Award of the Fledglings 2
 Award of the Hawk's Aerie  
Foreign Baronial Awards  SS - Phoenix Heart 10
 SS - Phoenix Claw 11
 SS - Phoenix Eye 12
 SS - Sacred Stone 15
 SS - Yeoman 1
 SS - BAE 12
 SS - Talon 9
 SS - Flame 27
 SS - Feather 5
 SS - Drakken's Egg 12
 SS - Spirit of the Phoenix 2
 WH - BAE 1
 WH - Kittyhawk 1
 WH - Boreas 1
 NC - Gordian Knot 2
 NC - Sword Knot 1
 NC - Coills Muse 1
 Trimaris/Darkwater - Hidden Treasure 1
 Trimaris/Darkwater - Acorn's Glade 1




All heraldic devices and badges seen within these pages (unless otherwise stated) have been registered with the SCA College of Arms and are used with the permission of the owner.  They may not be used by anyone other than the owner without express permission. SCA names seen have not all been registered. 

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